Während das Festivalwochenendes verteilen sich sechs Infopunkte über das Festivalgebiet. Dort könnt ihr Euch über alles informieren, Programmhefte und Festivalpläne bekommen und Euch von uns beraten lassen.

During the weekend of the festival, five 'info points' will provide you with all the information you need. They are located all over the area where the festival takes place. They'll be happy to advise you where you might want to go during the festival.


Smack in the middle of northern Neukölln is the Passage. This listed building from the turn of the last century is not only where the festival offices are located: the Neuköllner Oper and Passage Kino cinema are also here, near the central info point. The Kunstfiliale (art branch office) for the Passage neighbourhood runs the stand with financial assistance from [Aktion! Karl-Marx-Straße], an organisation devoted to the refurbishment of this, one of the main roads in the area.


WerkStadt is a non-profit organisation, founded in 2008, dedicated to cultural activities in the Körnerkiez area. They support contemporary art in the broadest sense: facilitating networking between artists and culturally-interested individuals in a in meeting place, a cafe.

Atelier Kunst-Moment

Sabine Ammer and Marc Pampus from KunstMoment e.V. have hosted regular concerts, theatrical performances and art salons in the past. This space green carpeted is constantly changing. It is a place where ideas can be discussed and then realised, where daydreams become concrete, where a variety of creative activities  can be pursued in a homey, living room-like ambience.

Trinkhalle_Biotop Utopia

Hotel Rix

This year the people behind HOTEL RIX will be responsible for a participatory art event directly on Richardplatz. A temporary hotel business will be set up with various sorts of 'rooms' conceived by artists expressly for the context on this public square. The info point for this neighbourhood will be located right in the middle of the goings-on at this 'hotel'.

Neukölln Arcaden