Starting in 2014, a special section of 48 Stunden Neukölln will be dedicated to artistic activities by and for children and youth. After all, one of the festival's objectives is, again and again, to involve all segments of the local population.

For this purpose, 48 Stunden Neukölln has introduced a “Festival of Young Arts”, a festival within the festival, to present the wide range of cultural activity involving children and youth in the area. Projects are also developed especially for the festival involving this segment of the population.

For this purpose, we're collaborating with existing venues and groups such as youth clubs, schools, organisations and initiatives focussing on young people. We're also approaching young people who live in northern Neukölln directly, providing them with ample opportunities to experience the arts on various levels, including the chance to meet artists who have been responsible for innovative activities in the area over the years.

Existing structures, which play a crucial role, are also involved, strengthening them in the process, while new networks come to the fore. At the same time, projects with an element in the public realm are developed and presented.

The goal is to support budding creativity and the often confident, non-conformist stance that young people present when they're confronted with the gamut of nuances of possibilities in the world.This way, artists are also able to gain a wider range of interested individuals for their artistic endeavours.

This year's theme, ZEIG DICH! (show yourself) is intended to reflect the conditions of the lives of young people, investigating their lives, providing artistic impulses, encouraging  all manner of forms of creative expression. We hope that the Festival of Young Arts Neukölln will result in ample things to discover for all age groups, facilitating interaction between generations.