The central exhibition will be on view at the Neukölln Arcaden shopping centre, featuring projects dealing with a wide range of aspects of political or societal activities. The street photographer Holger Biermann delves into his own precarious existence as an artist in Berlin. He asks , “Where am I going to get the courage to continue along this difficult path”? Zofia Nierodzinska appears as a performer, alone and without warning in places dominated by men, in this case, a shisha bar (video). Simon Maris presents, in his Konflikt Dich! (Conflict Yourself!) presentation, an international research project investigating the influence artists have on problem areas in urban environments. Barbara Duisberg reworks press photographs of people in Chechnya and Manaus in her paintings. Carla Mercedes Hihn processes what she experienced during the protests at Gezi Park in Istanbul. Another idea that the exhibition focusses on are projects that challenge the present  financial system and offer possible alternatives. The Dutch courage project, for example, presented by Janine Eggert, Marte Kiessling, Phillipp Ricklefs and Christofer Sage, deals with what one experiences at a typical exhibition opening in Berlin: people 'consume' the art on display for free and pay for their drinks. In this case though, visitors to the show are asked to purchase beer jugs painted by artists into which as much as they can drink will be served.