Die Live-Art-Performance "Machinery" von Levi Huygevoort zum Thema Courage in der Ma Thilda zeigt eine improvisierte Show mit einer theatralischen Punk-Rock-Attitude.
Levi van Huygevoort presents his improvised live-art-perfromance "Machinery". The show is driven on 3 main inspiring elements to which Levi fully surrenders himself: Such as sound, intuition and some kind of primary instinct. On stage these elements are visualized immediately onto canvas with a theatrical punk-rock attitude. It's a short term exploration of creation, preserved in a short moment of time with an always surprising outcome represented by a primal, fundamental human urge to be and to stay creative. And to have the courage to do so. To explore and to simply let go in the process. To lose oneself in another state of being for a moment and to find oneself again in the next.
Festival Event
Veranstaltungsort und Zeit: 
Sat 23:45 to Sun 00:30