Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Biography and words on works Alice Künstler, 1974 whose artist name is an adaptation of her grandma’s name, was born to a German/Polish mother and a Belgium father and grew up in the countryside of Belgium. Alice is a multidisciplinary artist. Her practice embraces painting, drawing and photography. Her work is diverse though thematically linked. Dark mono-types, sometimes simple, drawings with ink sometimes crowded with fragile characters, grotesques, terrible visions drawn with sharp pastels, coloured pencils or watercolours. Nothing is rubbed, leaving people or nature simply as they are as perfection doesn’t exist in our world. Her works represent the human condition, deformed, defective, emotionally fragile and the beauty of nature which is above us all. An infinite tenderness emanates from those sometimes coarse features, a little childish yet full of soft maturity which indicates to us the richness of the differences, the fragility, the contradictions. Her photographic work is an echo of her drawings: intimate portraits or abandoned landscapes, composed in-frame, viewed through reflections, soft mist or through the skew of solitary objects, an attachment to the world around. Written by Julie Dumont.
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
26.04.2014-27.04.2014 & 03.05.2014-04.05.2014: „We, Oui, Wir.“ Drawings, photos and installations at Bld de Waterloolaan 23, Brussels 26.01.2013-10.02.2013: Drawings, photos and projections at La Fonderie, Paris 27.02.2010 – 27.04.2010: Drawings and photos at Café Cosisuca, Berlin 02.11.2009 – 30.11.2009: Photos at Café Tante Horst, Berlin 01.06.2009 – 28.06.2009: Photos at Café Morgenrot, Berlin 01.11.2005 – 23.01.2006: Photos and T-shirts at La médiathèque, Brussels 01.03.2005 – 15.04.2005: Photos at Café Sisisi, Brussels 15.11.2004 – 20.12.2004: Photos at Centre Culturel d’Auderghem, Brussels 01.10.2004 – 10.11.2004: T-shirts at Café l’Amour Fou, Brussels 09.09.2004 – 20.10.2004: Triptical photos at Gemeenschapscentrum Elzenhof, Brussels