Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Adeline is a Berlin-based french visual artist and graphic screenprinter. She creates artbook, poster, illustration & collective edition. She works in the Drucksalon, a private studio for designers, artist and creative people. She organizes creative graphic events, classes and workshops. She also collaborates with other artists & designers as a printer! (contact : adeline.meilliez@yahoo.fr) Screen printing is not only about the result, the piece of artwork created, but is clearly also defined by the process itself. As an artist, inquisitive-minded, she constantly experiments and pushes the technique to its limits. Her work is all about depth, shade and light, standing somewhere between fading-in and fading-out. One can immediately sense her desire to develop a world where images and stories are combined according to a set of rules which she determines herself, thus staging her own creation process. The result is an artwork situated between painting, writing and photography. Lively, constantly appearing where you would least expect her with her lucid, straightforward vision and a silk-soft imagination, Adeline weaves her art with strength and sensitivity, marching her way through her artistic path. (www.adelinemeilliez.com) Since 2012, she is involved in the collective NAJA-Berlin! in Berlin, Neukölln.
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
Collective Art Book, by Adeline OPEN CALL 2013 : "2 corps imprimé", plus d'infos sur mon blog! Depuis 2010, j'imprime des livres, entièrement en sérigraphie, avec les visuels d'autres artistes et les miens. Je participe également à d'autres éditions collective, des copains artistes ou illustrateurs! 2010 - Animal Fanzine 1 : Berlin Bear 2010 -Animal Fanzine 2 : LEO 2011 - Drucksalon kalendar 2012 -Corps imprimé1 avec : Avec les dessins originaux de : Luc Brévart, Gé, Sandrine Bélart, Christian Bailly, Hervé Rabin, Martine Perrin Cossu, Camile Gervais, Laeti Berlin, Cécile Bouve, Alexandre Dujardin, Albert Foolmoon, Antonin Malchiodi, Berlin Illustrated, Antoine Kempa, Catherine Ricoul, Régis Pompidou et Adeline Meilliez. Sérigraphies 2011 2011, des milliers d' heures passées à l'atelier Innombrables expériences artistiques, entre photographie et peinture.