Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
EDUCATION 2007 Musicology, Paris 1, France 2006 Researcher artist, Art and Technologies of the Image laboratory, University Paris 8, France 2005 MBA arts (DNSEP), ERBAC, Caen, France 2004 Residency at the Taipei Teachers College, Taiwan Student Exchange Sheridan College & University of Toronto, Canada 2003 Bachelor of Arts (DNAP), ERBAC, Caen, France
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
2013 Preview Berlin Art Fair, with Expo Galerie Ces Corbeaux Délicieux, Ateliers Intermédiaires, Caen, France D'un mur à l'Autre, Radar contemporary art center, Bayeux, France -solo- Cyberspace And Golden Age, AKA Galerie, Berlin, Germany Amazon, S19 project space, Berlin, Germany 2012 Beep-SCREENS, Ateliers Intermédiaires, Caen, France In Bed With Unicorn, Hausen am Zoo, Berlin, Germany An Idea Of Reality,.HBC, Berlin, Germany -solo- Good Morning, Helmut Kohl, Berlin, Germany 2010 -solo- Future Game/Brush Sounds, Heroes Gallery, Berlin, Germany 2007 Biennale Supermaket Of Love, Warsaw, Poland 2006 Le Grand Chelem et le Petit Schmilblik, Gallery La Vitrine, Paris, France Les limites de l’Art, performance invited by Ben Vautier, Paris, France 2004 Manœuvres Dé-Calais, invited by Joël Hubaut, Calais, France Pirate (HE)a(R)ttack, performance, Taipei, Taiwan Presentations, Blackwood Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Auszeichnungen / Preise: 
RESIDENCIES / AWARDS (selection) 2013 Artist in Residence, Republic of Macédonia 2012 Artist in Residence, Ateliers Intermédiaires, Caen, France 2011 Creation residency, Canton du Valais, Monthey, Switzerland 2009 First Price, Modepass Drawing contest, Paris, France 2006 First Price, Duncombe grant from Conseil Général du Calvados, France Residency Festival Neuropolis, Berlin, Germany Residency ‘Love Experience’, Nantes, France