Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Elena Ballarin (1982) is an Italian artist, originally from Venice, where she has studied Cinema, Theater and Visual Arts. Now based in Berlin, she is producing works focused on the art technique of Collage; especially centered on an intimate research about human existentialism, she creates a deep interaction between the mind and the images created on the collages, aimed at an achievement of a constant internal feeling of happiness and relaxation. This whole process is based on an extremely intense relationship between her art and her everyday life, which can without a doubt be defined one same unit. EXPERIENCES 22 Oct – 19 Nov 2012 Artist Residency c/o Halka Art Project – Istanbul Solo Exhibitions 07-17 Nov 2012 c/o Halka Art Project – Istanbul Group Exhibitions 27 Apr 2013 Barcelona Showcase - Casa Batlló, Barcelona 28 Apr 2013 Macht Kunst - Deutsche Bank KunstHalle – Berlin 11 May 2013 Noch einen Wunsch? - Month of Performance Art – Berlin 1-7 Nov 2013 Pop-up Gallery goes Italian - Pop-up Art Gallery - Berlin
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
All the collages she produces belong to a single big project entitled Is it possible to feel constantly happy and relaxed?: a question, an experiment, a challenge, an art project, a life project, a work in progress. It is a very complex path aimed to explore both the conscious and subconscious part of mind, whose goal is the attainment of the capacity to erase any sort of negative feeling inside them. The human mind works by images; a negative feeling is the result of the association of a bad image to a certain episode. But bad images can be changed: the point is being trained to do it. In the project the artist asks herself if it is possible to reach such a high level of practice to be able to replace any negative image with a positive one even before the negative images become a negative feeling inside the mind, and consequently the body. The artist is testing the whole experiment on herself, using collage technique as a basic support for the creation of new positive images to fix in the mind in place of the negative ones. This whole process is based on a deeply intense relationship between her art and her everyday life, which can to all intents and purposes be defined one same unit. From a very intimate starting point, this experiment develops then toward a social purpose, in which one of the main goals consists on sharing it with people, trying to stimulate interactions, reflections, collecting reactions, offering spurs to enrich life with a higher level of happiness. At the same time this project aims to be a bridge able to create occasions for an approach between people and contemporary art, a connection which the artist considers of primary importance; and in regard to this, the topic she deals with – happiness and relax – has a peculiar facility to attract attention, hence an excellent opportunity to attract also that people who are most skeptical towards nowadays art. An eco-friendly art project According to the artist´s eco-friendly ideology, this project is entirely based on principles aimed to reduce the environmental impact of the work. To this end, every single piece composing the images of the collages is recycled or bought second-hand, this includes the cardboard used as support which is collected from waste paper containers or directly from the street. Matte medium is used to glue the collage pieces and Gloss medium is used to preserve the colours. Both are water-based products. Her visiting cards are imprinted with a stamp on self-homemade recycled paper.