Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
BFA, Printmaking, Metropolitan State College, Denver, Colorado
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
2013 Mindscape, Staycation Museum, Berlin, Germany Design After Dark­ Cirque, Denver Art Museum Design Council, Denver, CO 2012 Art Meets Beast, Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, CO Design After Dark­Bespoke, Denver Art Museum Design Council, Denver, CO Specimans, Gildar Gallery, Denver, CO Group Show I, Gildar Gallery, Denver, CO 2011 Consonance/Dissonance, GNU Experience Gallery, Fort Collins, CO Ironwood, Denver, CO Brittany Gould and Gillian Wagoneer, Good Thieves Press, Denver, CO On Being a Woman, Wazee Union, Denver, CO 2010 Drew Englander and Brittany Gould, Illiterate Gallery, Denver, CO Down with the Sickness Too, Illiterate Gallery, Denver, CO The Visual Suspects, BFA Thesis Exhibition, Center for Visual Art, Denver, CO We Ooze, Showcave, Los Angeles, CA Storytelling, City O’ City. Denver, CO The Unsuspecting Printmaker, Robert Strohemeier Print Space at Vicious Dog Press, Auraria Campus, Denver, CO